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Bringing segments to life: versatile, yet powerfully unique digital communication for the latest range of Vodafone Devices


As a long-term Vodafone creative partner, SMAL was entrusted with the creation and execution of the Vodafone Devices 2018 Digital Campaign’s asset pack.
In the crowded smartphone market, Vodafone uses its own branded devices to create differentiation with premium quality and design, while remaining accessible and affordable to all.
This digital campaign is designed to take users on a journey that tells the story of how Vodafone democratises the latest technology by offering affordable devices, which targets all segments, from young to old; beginner to tech savvy; female, male and beyond.

Directing the right message to the right person

From product movies, digital renderings and animations, to lifestyle photography or product arrangements, SMAL designed each device assets in a way that effortlessly conveys the right message to the right person and highlights the benefits that speaks to the group’s needs.
The 9th Series’ campaign follows a segmented marketing approach across its four smartphones.

Visualizing the key UX benefits

One Campaign, Four Individual Characters. SMAL brought to life a refreshing vision, with four distinct segment-targeted assets in one visually consistent campaign, including brand elements, product movies, photography, social media imagery and more.

Showcasing: A national savoir faire

Bringing to light the behind-the-scenes to raise awareness of Vodafone’s state-of-the-art design process, product development and high quality standards.
With a sense of urgency that matches the nature of this competitive industry, Vodafone’s team & SMAL developed this digital campaign with an exceptionally short turnaround, in parallel to Vodafone’s short product development timeline. By combining Vodafone’s expertise with SMAL’s creative direction and multidisciplinary visual creations, the original brief evolved into refreshingly dynamic key visuals, which seamlessly convey each device’s singular message in a consistent visual identity campaign. This contemporary approach strengthens the positioning of Vodafone Devices as a global player with a campaign that engages users through all channels in all global markets.

Our achievements

Fast pace, smart decisions, and a full load of enthusiasm.
Thanks to the flexible-to-use yet strong visuals, Vodafone Devices digital campaign can be effortlessly used in all different Vodafone markets across the globe.As a different part of the digital campaign, the complex and technical process of designing and testing devices in Germany was demystified to the audience. It supports Vodafone’s objective in raising awareness and shifting perception of Vodafone Devices to higher quality devices, who are equipped with the latest technology available in the market.

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