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Setting the stage for something new: creating an immersive experience and community engagement around Elgato's first digital keynote


For the past 10 years, Elgato has made it their mission to empower their community to create better content.

As a long-term creative partner of Elgato, SMAL was entrusted with the conception, storybuilding and production of their first ever virtual event.

This online rendez-vous with the brand was designed to praise the achievements of all content creators around the globe while celebrating the announcement of innovative Elgato gear, designed to push further the limits of content creation. Built-up like detonating firework, this mysterious and immersive online experience generated high enthusiasm and made some noise through Elgato's community and more.

Being in charge from A to Z of the most secret project ever, the SMAL team took care of articulating the creative vision that made July 15th memorable to the audience.

Building the story

Creating the first event of its kind is no easy matter; from a blank sheet and an infinite amount of possible directions, building the best flow of a truly unique yet brand-authentic online event requires a good balance of creativity and discipline through exploration.
SMAL developed the whole storytelling and strategically orchestrated the flow of announcements before, during and after the keynote; refining every single detail to provoke excitement and keep the viewer passionately entertained.

Elgato x You

Participation, inclusion, immersion: Our main goal was to make the audience feel this event was truly made for them. With this community-driven approach that goes hand in hand with Elgato's tone of voice, our team focussed its efforts on building an authentic shared moment between the brand and its followers by involving different creators from within the broadcast spectrum and by stepping away from the codes of a classic corporate presentation.

Designing the look and feel

We skinned and brought the dedicated visual identity to life in collaboration with Elgato's team and their partners at Visuals By Impulse, ensuring a seamless experience for the audience and a consistent look throughout the whole communication, in and around the event. Our approach was again driven by our common theme; honoring the community by integrating references to the internet culture, Elgato easter eggs and by celebrating the moment.

Bringing the event to life

From the structure of the script, to content production, to editing the event movie – our team orchestrated the build-up of the Elgato keynote in record time. By combining live footage from the Elgato team members and speakers with product reveal trailers and reaction videos from Elgato partnering creators, we brought all the pieces together into one great visual experience praised by the viewers.

The biggest Elgato announcement ever

We were thrilled to observe the true success of the launch event stream we secretly developed for months. The community reacted really positively to the event and the different announcements, generating enthusiasm and positive spirit for the brand and breaking attendance and participation records.
Fun fact: For the first time ever, the Elgato website went offline for a few minutes after the livestream as the servers got over-saturated by the sudden demand. Take a deeper dive into the event and the reactions to it by watching the replay: Elgato Launch Event


Communicating the product launches

With the announcement of 9 epic launches during the event, our team also supported the brand with designing the communication material: new webpages, new product trailers and new social media assets that showcase the different product innovations and user benefits. From design to photography, to product trailers and coding, SMAL's creative direction and multidisciplinary visual creation set the stage for premium storytelling and appealing, coherent communication assets across the different platforms.


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