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Making Corsair rhyme with performance: an immersive report about professional esport athletes and their special relationship with their competitive gear towards victory.


Gaming gear has a strategic role into world-class esport teams by being the extension of the player's minds and bodies. Reliable and high-performance equipment is directly contributing to success; milliseconds may make or break a victory in any competition. If you can't rely on your mouse's accuracy, your keyboard's super-fast response times, and crystal clear voice communication with your teammates, you're at a serious disadvantage.
SMAL supported Corsair to fortify their position as the leading producer of competitive gear while converting esport fans into brand loyalists. How? By following and capturing the training routine of world-class athletes that push forward the limits of their gear on a daily basis.

Visualising “Play Harder”

Isn't the fact that the best players in the world are fully relying on their Corsair gear a serious proof of quality? Only endless hours of training paired with high performance gear can lead to the highest competitive sphere. We, at SMAL, took on the challenge of condensing the deeply embedded ideals of hard practice team spirit and top-level performance into an engaging landing page, strengthening the relation between Corsair's technologies and the concepts of performance and innovation. Our team developed sharp visuals and uncompromising storytelling that best showcase the high intensity of pro gaming.


Capturing the essence of competition

To record the moments, SMAL visited the training facilities of some of the best European teams of different game franchises/leagues to film the confidence and true passion of their athletes in short reportages. The outcome is a consistent visual campaign that combines a short film and photography that sweat the spirit of esport championship through an high-contrast and edgy look as well as powerful and sharp motion titles.

Building the bridge between Corsair and performance

The campaign content and the dedicated web landing page that SMAL created are clearly bringing together the performance of the esport scene with Corsair's equipment while reaching to a wider audience and giving insights on how the Pros do it. By highlighting the favourite gear of some renowned professional players, the Corsair campaign is inspiring millions of fans to bring their game to eleven.

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