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The all new Nello One packaging design communicates in an iconic, fresh and comprehensive way to invite the user to get familiar and explore the product benefits.


Nello’s mission is to make home access more convenient for the user. After installing the nello one hardware inside the house intercom and embedding it to the users WiFi network, the user can decide if he wants to unlock the door, based on his location, voice commands, predefined time windows or a simple touch in the app.

SMAL has been commissioned to design a packaging whose properties match those of Nello. Simple, clearly structured, comfortable, friendly and smart. The goal for the outside packaging was being eye catching in a store, representing the brand, and explaining the main product functionalities and user benefits.

Reveal Nello bit by bit

While reveiling nello, the user should feel welcome and well guided through the installation process.

The journey begins by sliding the inner tray out of its envelope. A welcoming card reveals, greeting the user and inviting him to start the installation process by loading the Nello app. Flipping the card, the user gets encouraged to connect with Nello if support is needed, provide feedback or spread the word. An envelope stacked below the Nello One unit, gathers all cables, stickers and a product leaflet.

Human-centered, product-focused

So, the welcoming card is greeting and guiding the user.
But also it draws attention to the product, which is sitting right behind the circular cutout. So, while installing the software, the user already can see and touch the hardware. Product and Packaging Design act together, creating this valuable focus on the brand logo.

Every single detail adds to another and sums up to an overall appealing perception of value. The material strength of the cardboard and its weight feels just right as soon as it is being held in hands. Furthermore the premium logo application with precise pantone coloring, 3 dimensional embossing and glossy UV layering is a haptic experience and is directly related to the device inside of the box.

Sketch. Cut. Glue!

Behind every successfull project, there is a carefully planned process, lots of thoughts and decisions. But also shelves full of handsketches, which were helpful to gain ideas and explore the details, the team built 1:1 cardboard models in the workshop to ensure feasability, find the right materials, proportions and functions.

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