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A new archetype of camera meeting the high demands of modern day content creators.


The whole development of Facecam revolved around an essential question: what should a perfect streaming cam be capable of in the year 2021?

With the increasing popularity of streaming and digital content creation on ever growing platforms like Twitch and YouTube, the demand for specialized cutting-edge equipment integrated into a completely new workflow grows.

A crisp cinematic video image is not only relevant for digital creatives. As home-office and digital collaboration became a topic of global scale, our video feed is sometimes our only real representation in the daily work life.

Facecam is a new archetype of digital video camera that exceeds the boundaries of current webcams by integrating technology found in professional video gear.


Unveiling a blind spot in todays market offerings

After a deep dive into our users workflows and the products they use, a blind spot in todays market became apparent.
Many users, not satisfied with the image quality and capabilities of current webcams are forced to go for more expensive photography and videography gear in order the step up the quality of their content. The Elgato Facecam follows a plug & play approach with advanced software controls while offering uncompromised video quality.

Combining the best of both worlds

Keeping the demands and wishes of our target group in mind, Facecam exceeds the capabilities of the current webcam market while maintaining its strongest advantages.
Simple plug & play integration, strong software control paired with a pro-grade lens and cutting-edge image sensor. High-speed circuitry that outputs stunning uncompressed video. Onboard memory to recall image settings in the device itself even when the power is cut off.

An uncompromised design language

From concept to the final implementation, many iterations trying to maintain the goal! Clean design focusing on essential components, focused around superior performance and the cinematic heritage.

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