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Having everything under control.
A pro gamepad tailored to the needs of pro gamers.

When milliseconds count

Over 70% of all competitive gamers but also game streamers play their matches using a game controller for better in-game control than the keyboard.

But beyond the gameplay, essential functions they need to manipulate simultaneously are not mapped to the controller.
This means they lose time to take a hand off their controller to trigger a function on their keyboard. This moment can decide between losing or winning and whether your co-players and community are happy and supportive or not.

Here, ASSASSIN our new game controller usability vision kicks in.

Elevating pros to the next level

The buttons on ASSASSIN can be mapped to functions, macros and actions relevant to the game or stream.

To perfectly tailor functions, display and haptic feedback to individual needs, three different button layout covers can be exchanged via magnets.

The user can choose between areas that purely display important information, a slider area that allows adjusting values gradually, or hotkeys with real tactile feedback.

Making your opponents nervous

The integrative design gesture, the precise and minimal split lines, the grip patterns, and the color scheme all contributes to an overall very competitive and valuable design expression.

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