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Your most precious and personal items deserve a great place to rest. Lamello is here to protect, present and organize what is important to you.


Lamello was born with the idea to protect, present and organize your most personal items. Things you carry around with you throughout the day and put to rest at night. Objects you use every day at work and don’t want to end up looking for. Items that are constantly present in your daily life.

Simple, yet multifunctional

What began as an internal industrial design idea, quickly became a holistic project that included all service offerings. These services spanned from Branding, Product Design, and User Experience Design, to Website Development and Marketing. The main idea was to use a simple, yet multifunctional material in combination with a smart manufacturing process. This idea becomes visible at all touch points, through a clear branding and visual language.

Thoughtfully selected materials

The products are handmade. The wool felt is water and dirt-repellent. The Lamellos offer the right strength to store and protect small and hand-sized objects. The product is wrapped in a strong Satogami paper, which is sewn together by hand. Thanks to the sturdy packaging, the products are perfectly protected for shipment and ready to giving it away.

Shaping the brand experience

Brand name and logo feature the signature shape and the essential simplicity of the original idea takes shape in all details of the brand presence. was designed to experience the brand, the products, and their key uses. It features insights into the manufacturing process and provides clear call-to-actions from ordering to check-out.

Lamello is an example of how multiple disciplines come together to shape an authentic, end-to-end experience that is unique and scalable at the same time.

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