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Transforming your space by crafting an enticing user experience, with a bold design revolving around flexibility and ease of use


The Elgato Wave Panels are acoustic treatment foam panels that are carefully designed to fit any space and provide a unique mounting solution for maximum flexibility and ease of use. Acoustic treatment of spaces is crucial for high-quality audio recordings not only in the professional space, but also for todays ‘content creators’ or even home offices.

With regular professional acoustic foam not only being a tiresome challenge to mount, align and rearrange, the Wave Panels are entering a space that has seen no user experience improvements in years.

Alchemy of nuances

The insight that came out of our research and the experience from being involved in the gaming and creators industry gave us an opportunity to bridge the gap between currently existing products and what the target group actually needs. This was our eureka moment where an inquisitive deliberation was forged into a high demand product.


Limitless possibilities

The modular grid enables easy re-arrangement and expansion. The amalgamation of different colorways and two distinct pattern elements enables a unique harmonious display.

The dual-density material layer of the foam ensures studio-quality performance by absorbing high and low frequency waves equally.

Disrupting the market by ease of use

The Wave Panels rely on a base grid of hexagonal plastic frames that are simply clicked together with innovative connector pieces and the foam panels can easily be attached to those frames without any tools. This enables easy set up as compared to the existing which are usually glued.

With less fixation points on the wall than regular foam panels, the Wave Panels can be mounted easily and removed without damaging the walls.

Insight led opportunity

Keeping the user at the front seat we developed various journey maps and product strategies to ensure better user experience across numerous touchpoints. This allowed us to dive deeper into each individual aspect of a user's journey and make sure that the end result resonates with the people's need.

Our goal here was to cater to an audience even beyond the gaming industry and offer them the freedom of choice.

Enhancing customer experience

To improve the customer experience and optimize the overall solution, we are considering several strategies. Firstly, we plan to build an Online Configurator to provide more guidance to our customers. Secondly, we aim to optimize the packaging solution in order to save space. Thirdly, we are exploring the possibility of finding a smart mounting structure that simplifies the mounting process and does not damage the walls, thus allowing for re-use. Additionally, we are looking into optimizing the panel geometry, which would enable customized wall arrangements and bring uniqueness to our solution. By implementing these strategies, we hope to provide a more streamlined and user-friendly experience to our customers.

Story-driven design

Pushing the boundaries of what has already been done in this field, we developed three compelling narratives that matched our expectations of making a product easy to use, by being able to set it up in less than 10 minutes.

Our vision here was to create a balance between adapting to every space and standing out.

Innovation through iteration

We went hands on with our iterations through trial and error, worked with scale models, 3D printing and constructed various mechanisms to connect frames to ultimately find the best possible way of realizing the product from our screen into your living space.

A bold design that helps transform your space

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