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Introducing Facecam Pro: Tailored for advanced creators to shape their singularity. A unique launch for the first-of-its-kind camera.


Elgato did not had the desire to create yet another webcam, they wanted to make a big leap. A camera, that even the most advanced users would consider to use. Something with a great video quality but as easy to use as a plug n’ play webcam. The Facecam Pro is supposed to be a affordable, practical and high quality alternative to expensive DSLR camera setups for streaming. 


Imagined for savvy creators, but not only

Elgato approached the SMAL team to support them for that ambitious project. Therefore, we analysed the particular needs of "pros" in order to imagine an outstanding camera that would be approved by the most advanced users. To learn more about the Facecam Pro's industrial design development, feel free to take a look at our in-depth case study.

Breaking the codes: A bold and transparent communication angle

Facecam Pro is the first camera of its kind - its launch had to scream for its uniqueness.
Who never had a negative experience with a webcam before? With the Facecam Pro announcement, Elgato aimed to break the stereotypes - webcam can finally rhyme with amazing.
Following a principle of honest user-centric messaging and true-to-life imagery, the visual design of the webpage results from a bold, functional yet premium approach that celebrates authenticity and uniqueness.

Seeing is believing

“Seeing is believing” is the statement developed across the webpage. "No marketing shenanigans here", the page exclusively features assets “Shot with Facecam Pro”, interlacing with precise product visualisation that demystifies the on-board technology and software innovation. The page extracts the essence of Facecam Pro’s unique greatness, resulting in an exciting yet approachable digital vitrine for Elgato’s first-of-its-kind new camera.

Shot with Facecam Pro

Low light situation, intense colored artificial lighting, focus-shifting, high contrast or fast moving scenes; the trailer and imagery are built to demonstrate Facecam Pro’s superiority under severe strain.
By showcasing scenes where other webcams are known to fail, the intention is to immerse the audience into outstanding footage that viewers can instantly relate to.

Keep it simple

No complex geek speak here, the messaging deliberately avoids heavy technical jargon to remain simple and approachable.
Such simplicity makes the advanced webcam stand out and speaks loudly to a wide audience of creators and professionals.

From a bold design to a loud launch

Despite the clean and distinct look, the product was introduced in a catchy and fresh visual communication on the website, trailer and social posts. The SMAL team has been very proud to support Elgato from the first industrial design concepts, to shaping the final product launch, including web design, asset production and web development. The launch of Facecam Pro received many positive reactions from the Elgato community, resulting in many more engagements in social media and blogs.

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