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New office furniture tailored to the style and needs of the SMAL office - designed, sourced and produced in Germany. 

The trigger for this project

For many years we had our office equipped with white modular office tables. At a certain point, we realized that the tables did not match our requirements and didn't reflect the warm welcoming culture of SMAL. So we started analyzing and designing...

Complex working setup

Many designers in our studio have a complex working setup with multiple screens, light and multiple peripheral devices connected to a desktop PC with lots of cables. Also, the studio layout consists of group seatings due to our collaborative working culture. This together makes cable routing difficult as the existing tables didn't provide a sufficient and accessible cable management solution.

Our tailored solution

The new SMAL office desk is a working block of two desks facing each other and sharing a common cable management channel. This channel provides sufficient space to accomondate cables, multiplugs, AC adapters, switches and everything you just dont want to have at our desk. Together with single tables and complementing standing desks, this system allows enough flexibility to be placed in all rooms and for all teams.

Expandable green composition

The desk system can be extended as a 'Green desk composition.' It highlights unique plant modules to feel closer to nature. There are integrated light modules to harmonize the work space thus creating a cohesive working experience.

Warm and natural surfaces

We chose oak veneer on top of recycled wood plates to provide a nice and warm atmosphere with natural materials. Combined with plants this really makes a difference to the well being of workers.

From concept to reality

Our tailored solution has been realized and built by a local carpenter with local sources. People have been using this desk set up for two years, satisfied with its quality and expandability.

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