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A portable brand experience center demonstrating the Enphase service, software and product line.

Wow! Top job done team SMAL!
Peter Halmans

Peter Halmans

Director Marketing Europe

The scope

Enphase tours across Europe and presents its ecosystem to a selected audience of solar system installers. The roadshow will take place in all kinds of different venues and room sizes. The roadshow system was designed around transportability, but yet conveys the premium brand value of Enphase.

To make attending an Enphase event as enjoyable as possible, we have put together materials and brand touchpoints to guide and accompany the visitor throughout their stay: from the first look, to a warm welcome, to the full and immersive brand experience.

Modular setup

Local conditions for each show can be very different. In order to be able to respond optimally on site, the presentation system must be modular and very flexible. Within a short time, the individual modules can be exhibited on the spot, fully assembled and connected to the power supply.

Enphase frames

The core of the traveling exhibition consists of the Enphase frames. High-quality oak wood, accompanied by warm light strips, frames the descriptive product panels like paintings and thus lets the Enphase brand's claim to quality sustainability be heard.

A tailor made experience

The custom made presentation frames hit the right balance of presenting and explaining the Enphase product ecosystem and its unique qualities and making the brand, its tone of voice, values and quality level become tangible.
A beautiful interplay of typography, products and brand colors all on dark reflectionless background creates a very high value impression and is very pleasant for the eye to look at.
The wooden frame made from Oak and the surrounding LED stripe with warm, diffuse light represent the companies core message to enable people to generate, store and use sustainable sunlight energy.

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