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Creating an essential tool for content creators, with a unique design tailored to level-up their workflow and content quality.


The Key Light Air is an expansion to Elgato's growing lighting product lineup, and is a connected light that helps content creators and streamers to stage their performance and broadcast in a professional way. With good lighting being one of the most crucial parts for professional streaming, Key Light Air was designed to perfectly integrate into the target groups workflow and environment.

Based on the bigger Key Light, Elgato's first-ever lighting product, the challenge for Key Light Air was to not only fit the technology into a more compact form factor but also to strike a good aesthetic balance between modern home desk lamps and professional studio equipment. We not only helped Elgato with the concept and the design of Key Light Air but also supported during the implementation phase.

Empowering a wide range of creators

The Key Light Air's main intent is to offer easy access to and handling of professional-grade lighting - connected with software that allows instant change of brightness and hue right from the computer through a WiFi connection. Those features make Key Light Air useful for many different types of creators, from lifestyle to gaming, from live broadcasters to video producers.

Details matter

An important aspect of the Key Light Air's design is the attention to detail - to ensure added value and flawless handling with creators' various workflows, seamless integration into any setup and overall superior user experience. Height and angle of the Key Light Air can be adjusted quick and effortless, the extruded base profile features cable guidance for a clean setup, and the adjustment knobs have been redesigned for overall better usability.

Thoughtful details like the subtle performance pattern, and the balance of precise and rounded shapes make this a perfect fit to the existing Elgato line-up.

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