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For the launch of the latest evolutionary stage of Corsairs iCUE software, SMAL developed a landing page that communicates the benefits and features of the software in a visually stunning and inspiring way.


To make the use of their cohesive and fully immersive ecosystem of gaming hardware as intuitive as possible, Corsair has developed a control software called iCUE.
From the initial sketches of the UX, to the development of an intuitive and inspiring UI with visually stunning 3D assets and animations, to the final development, SMAL gave Corsair's revolutionary iCUE software a home that excites gamers and content creators worldwide.

The challenge

Explaining software features through a website is a challenge. That's why the new iCUE landing page offers a playful and intuitive way to discover the benefits of the software and see hands-on how easy it will be to control the entire Corsair ecosystem with iCUE in the future.

The solution

Through stunning 3D visuals, animation and an intuitive and interactive UI that works on both desktop and mobile fluidly and with fast loading times, we inspire users and show them the benefits of iCUE in a full-featured gaming setup.

Rendering each detail to the finest

The more Corsair products you integrate into your gaming ecosystem, the greater the immersion. On the iCUE landing page, we inspire the users and show them how to get even more out of their equipment and what their perfect gaming setup can look like.

Built better

The latest version of the iCUE software features a more intuitive UX, a clear UI and a variety of new customization options. To position Corsair as THE brand for gaming hardware, an intuitive and fluid experience when using the landing page is of utmost importance.

The impact

Gamers, streamers and content creators have been waiting impatiently for the latest development stage of the iCUE software. So it was no surprise that both the software and the accompanying landing page have been met with an extremely positive response.

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