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Fusing a modern digital interface with Bowers & Wilkins and its 50+ years of sound expertise.


When we started working with Bowers & Wilkins, our first focus was to dive into the brand and get a sense of what exactly made them so unique and powerful within the music culture. Whether you’re a professional, a candid listener, or a car manufacturer, Bowers & Wilkins produce exceptional music products for all types of occasions and people. We created a digital experience for the brand that conveys the same message.

Bowers & Wilkins came to SMAL because they wanted an entirely new CMS, e-commerce system, and website. The tricky part? They needed someone to take on the challenge of building a tool that combined these two systems and made them work together.

Our approach

SMAL code and design took on the challenge without a doubt, knowing that it hasn’t been done before. For SMAL code, the main focus was functionality: we integrated a flexible CMS and innovative e-commerce system into the website by combining Drupal and Magento, creating an overall seamless web experience for the user.

The process

SMAL design built an interactive prototype and used it as a key communication tool for the client, enabling them to test and experience the website as if it were real, therefore improving the decision-making process. The design team also created 20 fully customizable templates, which gave Bowers & Wilkins the ability to build their own content-rich pages with our preexisting panels, without asking us for help!

The SMAL solution

Our advantage (next to having talented teams) is having design and coding in the same room. This enables us to avoid unnecessary overhead costs and complications that may come with having to manage separate teams. In the end, we were able to integrate the unique qualities of the brand into a flawless digital presence that benefits our client and that the user won’t forget.

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