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Photorealistic Product Visualization

We help visualize your products in any scenario - even before they exist physically.

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High-end 3D Renderings

You are looking for a photorealistic visualization of your products - no matter if it’s images, videos or interactive experiences? SMAL offers a wide range of CGI services to showcase your products in the best way possible. Our agency based in Munich, Amsterdam and San José is focused on creating excellent marketing content - tailored to your needs. 

Your 3D product visualization agency in Munich
What we do to
present your product
Photorealistic Product Renderings

Present your products true to life with our photorealistic renderings - just without the limitations of a photo shoot. Change the angle? Change the background? Change the product? No problem. With our 3D visualizations, we stay flexible for any adaptions.

360° Product Visualizations

Being able to view your product from all angles can be a crucial selling point for your customers. We support you by using the latest technology to create 3D renderings that look great and offer an immersive user experience.

Product Videos

Promote your products even better by showcasing them in a product video. A CGI product trailer offers many opportunities to present key features through animation and photorealistic visuals, no matter if it’s a short teaser video for social media or a premium in-depth product video for your website. 

Augmented Reality Product Experiences

By combining real world with computer-generated content, your products can come to live and be even more tangible for your potential customers. Let them experience your products life-sized and in all possible surroundings with AR applications. 

Environmental Product Renderings

Besides showing your products from the best angles, we also give them context. We will show your products photorealistically in their real-life use cases and natural environments, giving your customers more information and background at a glance.

Interactive Experiences

Interactive applications like 3D configurators can help your customers experience your products in the most immersive way. By optimizing and finetuning the 3D models for all types of platforms and applications, we make them work smoothly for these experiences that contribute to a great customer experience. 

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Lisa Treml
Team Lead Visual Creation
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