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Sustainable Packaging Guideline

SMAL developed an eco-friendly packaging language for all Vodafone products to reduce the environmental footprint.


Take a look at the new generation of product packagings from Vodafone. This evolution derives from Vodafone’s new positioning ‘Together we can’ and aims to translate the shift in brand identity and messaging into packaging design.
The new Vodafone brand positioning is centred around the idea that when technology and the human spirit come together, we can achieve incredible things and create a better future.
We’ve taken the idea of the human spirit and reflected it in the packaging guidelines through a highly appealing & vibrant design language with clear focus on optimizing sustainable qualities of the packages.

Strategic guideline

From a brand point of view a good guideline is capable to manage complexity while allowing flexibility to adapt to product specific or local market requirements. To face this challenge we eliminated value classes in packaging and created an open grid of execution types that differ in their value impression.

Unpacking experience

A clean internal structure is key for an overall smart and consistent value impression but also an intuitive unpacking experience. We’ve paid particular attention to the ‘finer details’ like latches to lift the product or guiding icons in order to let customers feel Vodafone's care.

Appealing graphics

Vodafone has a wide set of graphical elements to communicate the brand mission and tone of voice. The packaging guideline offers a curated shortlist of these elements along with a easy to use set of rules for their application. This ensures maximum adaptability and consistency throughout the portfolio while increasing the visual attractiveness and impact.

Used materials

One of the main objectives of this guideline is to make a positive impact on the environmental footprint of Vodafone's product packagings.
This is being achieved by using recycled & recyclable materials and by avoiding any plastics and plastic bags.
All ink used must be mineral free such as soy ink, the amount of colors is reduced to make production more effective and the amount of print items is kept to a minimum to safe ink in the first place.
Packgaging parts are designed to serve multiple purposes and optimized to reduce material waste to achieve more with less.

Valuable look

There is only one first impression. And that should better be a good and valuable one. But to balance this goal with the objective to improve sustainablity requires clever solutions and an orchestrated focus of the customers attention. The so called 'red touchpoint' as a last step of the unpacking experience does exactly that. It's execution can be an envelope, a structural divider carrying the device or a wrapping bandarole. In every case it is a very emotional and valuable greeting.

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