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Immerse yourself in Mixed Reality

We merge digital and physical worlds, offering immersive virtual experiences for a wide range of use cases.

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Mixed Reality Experiences

Reality meets imagination with our innovative mixed reality experiences, seamlessly blending digital and physical worlds through virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). From product demos to interactive walk-throughs and Fake Out Of Home (FOOH) advertising, our innovative technology opens doors to endless possibilities. Elevate your brand, captivate your audience, and redefine the future of engagement with our immersive mixed reality solutions. 

Interactive Experiences

Discover a new dimension of engagement with our interactive virtual experiences. These experiences offer users unprecedented opportunities for exploration, customization and entertainment. Whether designing custom products, navigating virtual environments, or embarking on adventures in simulated worlds, users are empowered to shape their experiences and unleash their creativity in ways previously unimaginable.

Augmented Reality

We specialise in providing true-to-life experiences of your products through our AR services. Want your customers to be able to see how much space a product takes up in their living room or how it fits into their existing setup? With just a few clicks or the scan of a code, let them see and place the product live in their surroundings right through their devices camera. 

Interactive product configurators

Our expertise in interactive applications such as online product configurators ensure the highest level of customization and immersion for your audience.
From adjusting colors and textures to dimensions and features, our interactive tools transform the mundane into the extraordinary, empowering you to bring your ideas to life with great precision.

Virtual Reality

By using state-of-the-art technology, we can elevate your VR experiences; from interactive walkthroughs to trainings and games, we can collaborate on bringing your vision to life by utilizing common VR devices and headsets.

Gamified experiences

Let your audience experience your product or offering in completely new interactive ways. With mini games or gamified interactive web applications, your audience can explore product features or brand experiences in a fun and memorable way.

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Oliver Lang
Executive Creative Director

At SMAL, we can help you with

a lot more

At SMAL, we can help you with

a lot more

We're a design agency in Munich, Amsterdam, and San José, with an international team of 50+ experts. In addition to branding we at SMAL offer end-to-end design services, including strategy, design, content creation, and coding. Discover some of our branding projects below or browse the entire width of our portfolio.

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