Vodafone Packaging Design Guideline

The story

As part of Vodafone's rebranding in 2017, the design of all packaging was adapted to the new CI and completely revised.

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The Brief


The rebranding of Vodafone in 2017 resulted in the need to update the packaging guidelines. SMAL was asked to develop a design language with rules and guidelines that could be applied to all (category) packaging across the brand. The packaging design should be a complementary piece in Vodafone's user experience.

Unboxing Experience


The artwork on each packaging surface follows a predefined narrative structure, that provides the user with bits of information about the product and increases brand awareness. Especially when opening the package, the tone of Vodafone's brand voice comes to life. When opening the box, the latch states the first sentence of the brand claim “The future is exciting,” and the surface underneath continues “Ready?”. The inside is often covered in Vodafone Red to really welcome the user to the core of the brand values, but also it contains more detailed pieces of information on how to set up and get started with the product.

The Challenge


The overarching design guide manages to unite different distribution channels, diverse requirements of Vodafone's global markets different product value classes and various products such as routers, mobile phones, TV set-up boxes, accessories, etc.

Our goal for this project was to unify the outside appearance and create a seamless experience across product categories. To accomplish this, it was necessary to gather all constraints from all parties and find rules or guides that allow a certain degree of adaptability but also unite all packaging under one overarching design language. So, the design was developed using the widest range of packaging archetypes and making it work for all of them.

Guidelines & Applications


The rules of the packaging design language were illustrated and structured in an online design guide that was published for Vodafone´s internal use – but this was not the end of the project. After the guideline definition, we also implemented packagings of various projects in order to prove the guideline was working. After about one year of applying the guideline, we held a lessons-learned workshop with the client and refined some parts of the guidelines based on the field experiences we gathered throughout that year.

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