ID & Strategy

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Products have manifold touchpoints. We help you to make people love your company.

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Each project has its own challenges.
Therefore we have built tools and processes clustered in four categories.

Knowledge will bring you the opportunity
to make a difference.



Truly understanding the user and his experience is crucial for meaningful innovation. Our design research services dive deep into the world of customers, markets, and trends unveiling requirements and potential opportunities.

A qualitative benchmarking of the targeted market helps to identify common industry standards. Confronting this with the use case & consumer research will reveal opportunity fields.
Market & Opportunity

Innovation from a consumer perspective means uncovering hidden needs and desires you can subsequently act on. We immerse ourselves into your relevant context, you reap the results.
Usecase & Consumer

Product Analysis is an in-depth analysis of usability, functionality, aesthetic and manufacturing factors of a relevant competitor or own portfolio products with the objective to identify fields for improvement.
Product Analysis

The observation of trends in consumer behaviors, arts and technology is an ongoing activity on our side. A constantly growing library can feed and accelerate creative processes and be supportive guidance for design decisions.
Trend & Technology

Vision is your destination, and strategy is the path
that leads there.



Based on research, we can help you to identify new product and service opportunities within changing markets. Together we start with WHY.